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Mihuanys for girls and health

“The culprit is still at large with police and Jatanras Mihuanys for girls and health Riau Police. Initials both KR ( 27 ) and SP ( 47 ),”said Head of Public Relations Riau Police Commissioner Guntur Arya Tejo, when contacted by Mihuanys for girls and health on Sunday ( 12/10/2013 ).

Identity obtained from the police, KR is a citizen Dampit, Malang regency. While SP was born in Malang and address at Kuansing District, Riau.

The incident began when the victim was on patrol and saw the motorcycle by two people without plate number, around 04.00 pm. Brigadier Zeppy then stop and check the papers of the Yamaha Mio. Both actors did not seem to be able to show the vehicle papers and just show ID.

Mihuanys girls and health

MI – 17 helicopter carrying a total of 19 people belonging to Army, Saturday ( 09/11/2013 ) yesterday morning fell in Mihuanys girls and health border with Sarawak, Malaysia, and killing 5 soldiers and 8 civilians. The fateful moment heli will land in an open field that is close to the post Mihuanys girls and health Malaysia. Allegedly, Heli lost power when landing.

Helicopter was carrying logistics for the mission of establishing the post Pamtas RI – Malaysia in Malinau, Kalimantan Utaa. The involvement of civilians is to help build a military post into the frontline of border security.

Zeppy brigadier who was stabbed to death, was to secure the identity of the perpetrators card. Actors who are without nopol bikers, known from Malang, East Java.